TKINTER glitch on 2.2.2

Burt Leavenworth edlsoft at
Fri Jan 10 02:37:15 CET 2003

On 09 Jan 2003 16:30:07 GMT, Tim Daneliuk <tundra at>

>Burt Leavenworth wrote:
>> I am upgrading from 1.5.2 to 2.2.2 but now my GUI applications which
>> work on 1.5.2 no longer work properly.
>> In particular, with the simplest possible widget, when I hit the close
>> button (x), the sytem hangs.
>> Any ideas?
>> Burt Leavenworth
>> edlsoft at
>Did you also upgrade to the latest Tkinter?

I ran the Windows installer: Python-2.2.2.exe and assume the latest
Tkinter was included.

>What is the OS platform?

Windows 98

>Could you show us the code that works on 1.5.2 but not on 2.2.2?

from Tkinter import *
import sys
win = Tk()
button = Button(win, text = 'Goodbye',command = sys.exit)

>Tim Daneliuk
>tundra at

There must be some dumb omission.


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