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Sat Jan 25 16:39:43 CET 2003

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:18:56 -0500, "Norm" <norm at> wrote:

>I'm really just getting started in Python with the goal of improving my
>Linux networking administration.
>I'm learning / practicing with IDLE Python GUI.
>Q.  What does the real Python community use for creating Python programs?

I use IDLE. I find it is the perfect companion when writing Python
code. Plus it is easily extendible. I wrote a small plugin that gives
me a "recently opened files" menu on the File menu. Took maybe 20
minutes to write, and that's not because I am good. It's easy.

Anyway, I have used Emacs and Vim for Python coding before and I would
not recommend Emacs. It's interface and command syntax just get in the
way. Vim is okay, but again you need to learn the Vim commands.

Just my opinion. You need to try them all for yourself. Alot of other
people will tell you to use whatever they are using. It's subjective.
Your work style won't be the same as theirs so you should listen to
opinions and then try all of them.


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