tkinter: Passing arguments when binding keys to functions

Abel Daniel abli at
Sat Jan 11 00:39:44 CET 2003

Tim Daneliuk (tundra at wrote:
> Aha! That explains it.  There is a minor error in your example, I believe.
> Shouldn't the code be:
> widget.bind('<F' + str(x+1) + '>', lambda e, arg=y : CommonHandler(e, arg))
If you need the event object (i.e. the data it contains, like
event.widget, etc.) then you need to pass it in as you wrote.
However, it is not mandatory. If CommonHandler looks like:
def Commonhandler(arg):
    print arg
    # or popup a modal dialog asking wheter the user wants to quit
    # i.e. doing something for which event data is not needed

then its not needed.
(I assumed you didnt want to change CommonHandler : ) )


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