Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Jan 15 04:16:55 CET 2003

Tim Peters wrote:

> I wouldn't <wink>.  Mike got a public statement from a PSF director
> (me)
> that he thinks Mike's use is fine.

... which then completely disclaimed any value in that statement.  If
you recall, you specifically said that your assurance was not binding. 
In fact you even said that if it came before the board, the most your
comment would grant you is guilt in voting to sue.

Even if your Usenet post _was_ completely sincere and assuring, there's
no way to prove legally that you actually posted it.  It could have been

The bottom line with potential copyright infringement situations is
either get rock solid assurance (a written and signed waiver on physical
paper), or don't bother.  It's not worth the extremely negative
potential payoff should things turn ugly.

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