Explicit Frustration of the Self

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Wed Jan 1 04:52:53 CET 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:

> This is a direct quote from the VTK coding standards.  VTK is a very
> large
> (much larger than Python) scientific visualization library written in
> C++.
> These folks know what they are talking about.  Hell, I wouldn't be
> surprised
> if they deleted all the unrequired "this->" constructs from the VTK
> code the
> total number of bytes removed would be more than the size of the
> Python
> source code. ;-)

There are numerous coding standards (explicit or implicit) that use some
prefix reminiscent of Hungarian notation* (like fMember or m_member) to
indicate a member of a class rather than a local variable.  I like to
bemusedly point out that they already had a perfectly good prefix for
that, namely `this->' :-).


* I say "reminiscent of Hungarian notation" here to avoid the
controversy that always springs up as to whether or not such a notation
truly is Hungarian; many actively dislike Hungarian notation but do not
consider such prefixes as qualifying.

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