GUI is it possible with mod_python ?

Létezõ letezo at
Tue Jan 28 17:28:34 CET 2003


> Besides, i installed Python 2.2.2, mod-python and Visual Python (vpython)
> on my computer under Windows XP.

VPython is based on OpenGL and can produce 3D graphics on your console.

> I want to know if we can make the same things that PHP.

Did you do any OpenGL based 3D graphics with PHP?

> I want to know too if we can make easily some GUI application that runs
> from the apache serveur into mod_python ?

mod_python can run python code in order to respond http requests. Probably I
don't understand your question. Do you think about generating 3D with
VPython and present it on a WEB page?

Best wishes,

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