Quick tutorial on using the unicodedata module?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 1 04:14:45 CET 2003

    >> as u'\x85' and says the encoding s utf-8.  With those bits of
    >> information ("ellipsis", 0205, u'\x85') I can't seem to get any
    >> unicodedata function to return anything useful.  Any suggestions
    >> would be appreciated.

    Brian> Hi Skip, what information are you looking for?

I was just hoping for a couple examples of how to use the unicodedata
module.  Now that I know there's no simple "ellipsis", I can get
unicodedata.lookup() to work.  I guess I'm well on my way and have to figure
out why my heuristic decoder didn't guess right.


Skip Montanaro - skip at pobox.com

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