Zope, XML/XSL HTML, Mysql

Pete Pete at nospam.com
Tue Jan 7 13:10:45 CET 2003


I developing a web database application which is using
Python, Zope and MySQL.

I'm using mysql-python and ZMysqlda

After some experimenting i've managed to extract data from the a mysql
database and output XML or HTML for queries.

One of the requirments I need to meet is to output XML with XSL for browser
that support it and HTML for old browsers.
I would like to code the python modules to all output XML and have it
converted to HTML by a some other component which it detects an older

Does anyone know of any such components? or any suggestions to make the
above more simplier or more effective use of existing code?

I'm not using any Zope DTML or page templates. Coding exclusively python.


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