XML vs Python?

Kaz Kylheku kaz at ashi.footprints.net
Sat Jan 25 01:38:49 CET 2003

paul at boddie.net (Paul Boddie) wrote in message news:<23891c90.0301240929.196ae7bf at posting.google.com>...
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> > 
> > Do you know that Lisp programmers have been storing data as nested
> > lists for forty years? You have rediscovered the wheel.
> Sounds like the shortened version of a typical Erik Naggum rant about XML:

That's amazing; I somehow said something about XML without ever
mentioning it! Creative reading comprehension at work.

But for the record, I think that XML is a retarded pile of crap
invented and maintained by members of an underclass of unthinking
idiots that unfortunately make up an influential segment of the
computing sphere.

Whatever constitutes the Python equivalent of S-expresions will likely
blow XML away, so just use it!

How is that? :)

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