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Laura Creighton lac at
Tue Jan 28 18:42:02 CET 2003

> I post this on behalf of Dave Feustel <dfeustel at>:
> > I suddenly have a need to plot graphs of algebraic functions.
> > Is there a such a python graphics package that runs on Openbsd?
> > (I've looked but haven't found anything yet)
> I have several comments.  Dave's usual NNTP access is broken, so
> he feels blocked from clp participation.  This makes me think
> he's not aware of the alternatives that appear in, for example,
> <URL: >.
> Folks, if you've got e-mail at all, you can join in clp.
> I'll leave the substantive question to others.  I know there is
> an abundance of ways (Graphite, biggles, GD, Gnumeric, BLT,
>, ..) to do function-graphing with Python, essentially
> all of which are readily available under OpenBSD (a fine platform,
> by the way; I'd be happy if more people used it).  Dave, my first
> question would be about whether you have a preference between
> Tkinter, wxPython, PyQt, Web applications, ...
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Dave, if you need 3-D graphing or data visualization, check out
MayaVi. Fully scriptable in Python, wrappers for the VTK toolkit.

Laura Creighton (happy user)

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