Python Success Stories or Nightmares

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NYSE uses python since 1998 on the floor, for its main  internet services.

This is a very conservative enviroment where they won't  to use java in
production. Services MUST never go down, and Python has bought NYSE a lot!

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> Let's hear people's success stories with Python and why they did the
> switch.

I didn't "switch" I just added Python to the toolbox.  The only
mail access where I work is through MS Outlook (no POP, no
IMAP).  I needed a way to suck e-mail out of Outlook.  I didn't
have a C compiler for MS (and don't particularly like C for app
development).  I found an article on useing Python to drive COM
interfaces under Win32.  A week later, I had a Python app that
transferred my e-mail from Outlook to the SMTP server on my
Unix box.

Since then I've written dozens of apps in Python ranging from a
dozen or two lines to a thousand or two lines.  Some are text
mode that decode test data.  Many are test programs that drive
serial ports. One is Tk app that's used for configurating a
Linux device driver (similar to something like RH's printtool).
Another uses wxWindows and is used to update the firmware in a
thin-server product (the updater runs on Windows or Linux).

Python is by far the most productive language I've tried.

And I've tried dozens.

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