moving items in a list

andy andy at
Fri Jan 10 23:59:19 CET 2003

Ok, ok.

Yes, of course I could time it, but that wouldn't tell me *why* it's x amount 
slower, which is what I'm driving at!

It's also very subjective:  Depends on cpu, memory bandwidth etc. etc.  Just 
because *my* pc says it's about 4% slower, yours might not.  BTW, a q'n'd 
test did say 4%.

I would assume that
takes a lot longer...  but then, you'd simply have a lot more LOAD_FASTs, and 
accompanying STORE_FASTs sanwiching the CREATE_TUPLE, UNPACK_SEQUENCE pair.

You knew I meant in terms of efficiency :-p, didn't you!


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