HELP! Must choose language!

Dan Bishop danb_83 at
Thu Jan 2 07:59:26 CET 2003

"Karl A. Krueger" <kkrueger at> wrote in message news:<av0d4q$pl1$1 at>...
> Jacek Generowicz <jacek.generowicz at> wrote:
> > "Karl A. Krueger" <kkrueger at> writes:
> >> Nick Vargish <nav at> wrote:
> >> > FORTH
> >> I don't remember a word of it.
> > LOL!
> > (You didn't put a smiley, but I assume the joke was intentional.)
> Something like that.  I'm sure there are stacks and stacks of Forth
> puns, though.

I glad anything to write in language that have had never I that am.

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