Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Jan 30 13:13:22 CET 2003

ppython wrote:

> I use Linux and Python2.1.
> What can i do to make bigger the font
> on idle ...
> i dont use the idle because the font
> is so small....

Simplest: edit the textfile (in your Python library
directory) named:


it probably looks somewhat like:

font-name= courier
font-size= 14

all you have to do is change the font name and/or
size -- experiment until you get the font you like.

Alternatively, to perform this customization for
ONE user only, e.g. yourself, copy the above mentioned
configuration file to ~/.idle (i.e. to a file named
.idle in your home directory) and edit THAT -- it
takes precedence on config-unix.txt, if it exists.


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