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Fri Jan 10 09:11:14 CET 2003

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> Is there info availbale somewhere on the relative merits of tkinter vs. 
> pyGnome?

As someone has pointed out, pygtk is a more fair comparison with tkinter.
pygtk has a lot more widgets than tkinter (though there are extensions like
Tix, BLT, and PWM for Tk).  In particular, gtk has very powerful text and
tree widgets that use the MVC pattern.  Also, pygtk is faster in my
experience.  However, gtk has very spotty documentation (you *will* waste
some time figuring out how to do some things) and is not as mature (i.e.
more likely to have bugs and major API changes) as Tk or wxpython.

Also, Pygtk is also still a work in progress, though very useable.  The
developers work very quickly, and have been very responsive to my bug

The clincher for me is glade/libglade, which I wouldn't want to do without.
There is a wxglade project to create a glade clone for wxWindows, but it's
still in its early stages.

You can find more info on pygtk at

Dave Cook

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