Where do you store data files?

logistix logistix at zworg.com
Tue Jan 21 20:18:28 CET 2003

logistix at zworg.com (logistix) wrote in message news:<bdb5b58f.0301201653.3a9166d4 at posting.google.com>...
> I've got a project that generates a simple text-format database and
> will probably generate a few dozen more documents for caching
> purposes.  I'm just trying to decide where I should store them.  I was
> thinking about just creating a subfolder in the module, which is fine
> for Windows but doesn't seem to be the "appropriate" Unix place to
> store it.
> Just wondering what other people were doing.

Thanks for the input everyone, but to clarify this is a long-running
web-server app that'll run as a service.  That's why I was thinking
about just creating a subfolder in my module for windows.  I'm also
assuming it'll generally be setup by an admin for production use,
although a user could run it standalone.

/tmp sounds like a good idea but I'm going to have about 15-20 Megs of

I noticed my BSD machine installed apache's files under /var , but I
think the default version and linux installs attach to the /home
partition under a subdir that isn't attached to any particular user.

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