HELP! Must choose language!

Chergarj chergarj at
Fri Jan 3 05:06:17 CET 2003

>So far, no task I've attempted with Python has lead me down a blind alley.  
>It's my current favourite (not likely to change for a quite while either)...

"...blind alley."    For me, too early to tell, since I just started today. 
I'm not sure yet if it is as simple as clicking on your code writing program
and typing in your code and then clicking "Save As...".....

BASIC is "easy" if you have an easy-to-use version; some are variously
difficult for various people.  Since you were only 13 years old when you first
tried, you may have been too immature(not grown enough) at that time to be able
to adequately learn it.  Almost the same thing with me.  I struggled very badly
with BASIC-Plus studying at a university; but 2 years ago, I began to learn a
more recent form of BASIC and have progressed much more easily.


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