Pywin print w/o linefeed?

Spencer Ernest Doidge spencer at
Tue Jan 21 21:09:45 CET 2003

Running Pythonwin, you get:

>>> def go():
        print 'hello world'
        print 'goodbye world'

>>> go()
hello world
goodbye world

Is there some way to make Python print a string without the linefeed
at the end? If there were <some instruction> to do that, then I could
do this:

>>> def go():
        <some instruction> 'hello world'
        <some instruction> 'goodbye world'

>>> go()
hello worldgoodbye world

I know that I could accumulate a string and then make one print statement,
but is there some other way? For those who remember Pascal, WRITELN corresponds
to Python's print. Is there a Python way to implement the equivalent of Pascal'sWRITE?

Spencer Doidge

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