parameter/argument terminology

Scott David Daniels Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org
Sun Jan 5 19:00:54 CET 2003

Since we are playing regional differences:
My uses are probably techno-shorthand.  When I use such terms, I
rarely use them less than three times, and in such cases (the
multi-use cases), I tend to use:

Laura Creighton in doubles, Donnal Walter in singles:
>>    def myFunc(self, P1, P2):
>>        print P1, P2             # P1 and P2 are parameters
> or, 'formal parameters'.  But they aren't arguments.
I usually use 'formals' for 'formal parameters'.

>>        self.myFunc(X, Y)        # X and Y are arguments
> yes, but I also call them 'actual parameters', almost exclusively
> when I want to contrast them with the 'formal parameters', or 'default
> parameters' in the definition.
I use 'actuals' rather than 'actual parameters'.

Laura's 'default parameters' I've never used (nor discussed at
great length, I'll admit).  Instead I use 'default values' or
'defaults'.  These are the D's in:
     def myFunc(self, P1=D1, P2=D2):

Next player?

-Scott David Daniels
Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org

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