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It would be quite difficult to "sue MONO" as they are building not from
Microsoft specifications but specifications from ECMA (and soon to be ISO
standards as well). (Common Language Infrastructure) (C# Language)

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>|Some work is done to make .NET cross-platform: MONO
>I do hope everyone knows that it is not a question of IF, but 
>WHEN, Microsoft will decide to sue MONO out of existence.
>The whole thing smells of usual MS dirty tricks... they have 
>released just enough of API details to allow Ximian to waste 
>time on implementing MONO.  But MS has kept many parts of the 
>API as trade-secrets, and has wrapped much of the documented 
>API in patents.
>MS's goal here is to maintain an official face that ".NET" is 
>cross-platform and open.  But as soon as MONO has any success 
>at all, MS
>*will* pour millions of dollars into lawyers to claim patent 
>violations in MONO (and maybe trademark, copyright, 
>trade-secret) issues.  Those lawyers *will* get restraining 
>orders against the distribution of MONO, effectively killing 
>the project.  Of course semi-underground copies of MONO will 
>still exist, but not any effective development project; and if 
>Ximian isn't outright bankrupted, they might eventually win in 
>court, many years after the APIs have gone somewhere else altogether.
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