how to submit a patch?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Jan 14 17:54:52 CET 2003

Gerhard Häring <gerhard.haering at> writes:

> Michael Hudson <mwh at> wrote:
> > Even if you do, at the moment you can't seem to attach a file to a
> > patch when you create it.  You have to go back after it's created and
> > attach it.  I don't know why, either.
> It's a feature: SF wants to increase the motivation to move these things
> off Sourceforge to a Roundup-based bugtracker <0.5 wink>

This is 150% fine with me!  Though it would have been even finer it it
had happened before 2.2.1 <growl>.

> There once was talk about this on python-dev, but it seems to have stalled
> somehow.

It's nudging along as tuits permit, AFAICT.


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