Seeking Minimal Python Project Name (was: [pypy-dev] Re: [ann]MinimalPython project)

Erik Max Francis max at
Mon Jan 13 11:01:37 CET 2003

Terry Hancock wrote:

> Kevin Altis wrote:
> > There is only one name possible, it must be called pythy.
> > As in pithy
> Not that it's necessarily a bad name, but *why* is that appropriate?

Indeed, the word has negative connotations, so it does not seem like an
appropriate name at all.

> I immediately thought of the image of a snake biting its tail -- an
> ancient
> symbol of the cycle of life, recursion, etc.  The name for this symbol
> appears to be variously:
> Uroboros
> Ourobouros
> Ourobourus
> Not sure which spelling is "canonical".  Not so easy to pronounce
> though.

I've seen so many spelling variations that I would think that in itself
would disqualify it as a good choice of names.  In this day and age, it
makes sense to choose names that can be easily found through search
engines.  If it's inherently hard to spell right, it's not a good name.

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