Leakage vs Cyclops

Robin Becker robin at jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Jan 5 13:54:02 CET 2003

In article <m3lm1zq2ck.fsf at mira.informatik.hu-berlin.de>, Martin v.
Löwis <martin at v.loewis.de> writes
>Robin Becker <robin at jessikat.fsnet.co.uk> writes:
>> This has been interesting for one simple reason, there seems to be no
>> way to determine the total allocation when I do stupid things like throw
>> away refs to undecremented PyObjects. 
>> The python system knows about the memory, but the ordinary user can't
>> get at the blocks/total allocation for testing purposes. 
>That is not true. In the debug version, Python maintains a complete of
>all objects ever allocated (and not yet released). Since this is
>expensive, it is only available in the debug version.
>What kind of memory flew out the leak that you have now found?
I said the 'ordinary user' :) this was in fact  python floats so it
should have been easy to spot, but I'm a moron. I try and avoid using
the debug build since I have too many versions (about 9) already. If I
wanted to carry out production tests it seems pretty strange to use a
debug version.

Total memory allocation surely can't be that expensive (for the OS at
least), but I understand that it's hard to get right across many
platforms. For Python a simple count of objects wouldn't be that
Robin Becker

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