SV: UML and Python [0T?]

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Fri Jan 24 15:56:36 CET 2003

perhaps slightly off-topic, but there's also a SMW - a UML tool written in

Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer at> skrev i
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> Terry Hancock wrote:
> > Would I be wasting my time to use UML?  And if I do use it, should I
> > concentrate on being rigorously correct or just use quick, simplified
> > representations?
> It depends. :-) In my opinion, any diagrams shouldn't be an end in itself
but rather
> a means to help designing and explaining the code. So, I use UML only when
> helps me to design or explain something which would be more difficult
without UML
> (see also ).
> Consequently, I use UML rather seldom (though I like it), mostly when
> frameworks or discussing a design with colleague.
> > I'm using "dia" to do this. I created some reverse-engineered drawings
> > using happydoc, but I'm actually moving towards just doing new design
> > scratch, because the automatically generated drawing is kind of a pain
> > work with.
> So far, I've mostly used Poseidon from Gentleware ( )
> and I like it.
> Stefan

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