Newbie question: wxNotebook

Vadim Zeitlin zeitlin at
Wed Jan 22 12:35:16 CET 2003

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:56:45 +0300, Lexy Zhitenev <zhitenev at> wrote:
> Yes, sizers and layouts don't work for wxNotebook. I hope it will be fixed
> in the next versions.

 There are no known [to me] problems with using either the sizers or layout
constraints with wxNotebook and, in fact, I do it regularily in my code.

 The code of the OP had a problem: the notebook page wasn't created with the
notebook as the parent (it must be). Maybe this explains the problems he has

> The only thing I can propose is to use code like that.
> I use this variant:
>         nb = wxNotebook(self, -1, (0, 0), size=self.GetClientSize(), style =
>         def OnFrameSize(evt, self=self, nb=nb):
>             nb.SetSize(self.GetClientSize())
>         EVT_SIZE(self, OnFrameSize)

 If you want wxNotebook to take up the entire client area of the frame, you
don't need to do anything at all -- this will happen by default.

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