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Fri Jan 3 04:09:15 CET 2003

On Thu, 02 Jan 2003 23:25:06 -0800, faust <urfaust at> wrote:
> Emacs is always the answer....

    Ah yes, Emacs.  Emacs is the proof that even the most die hard unix fan
can succumb to creeping featurism.  Why?  Well think about it, "the unix way"
is to have a collection of small tools which are interchangable, communicate
with each other well and each do their specific task quite well.  "The windows
way" is to lump every unrelated task into every program in an attempt to out
check-box the competition on a comparisoon pamphlet.  Now, I ask you, which
describes Emacs?  Clearly the latter.

    I never quite understood what a mail and news reader had to do with
editing files yet every time the "best mail|news reader for unix" comes up
gnus is top of the list.  Noone has yet to explain to me why I would want to
install a 20+Mb editor just for a newsreader.  As a result I stick to slrn
which calls my preferred editor (was joe, then jed, now vim).  Seems the
sensible way to do things.  The reader calls the editor, not the editor
contains the reader.

    Of course people have called Emacs a "work environment".  Fine.  When
people ask for an editor don't reply with a "work environment".  Especially
one where most of its die-hard fans will admit takes quite a bit of
customization to even be moderately productive.  They asked for an editor, not
a practical project to learn Lisp.

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