Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Thu Jan 30 05:39:20 CET 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:
> You assertion is simply false.  I'm an expert in both C++ and Python,
> and I have experimented writing GUI's with both Qt driven by C++, and
> PyQt driven by Python: Python's productivity advantage for this task
> is about a factor of two in my experience --
> (Personally, I'm more productive CODING a GUI [even in C++ plus
> Qt...] than PAINTING it [say with Qt Designer] --
> indeed I'm almost the last person you should want to DESIGN a GUI
> in the first place -- but, these are totally separate issues).

You're sending conflicting signals here.  Maybe the middle ground is that
for your GUI design and coding style, Python is an advantage.  For my GUI
design and coding style, perhaps not.  I'm quite comfortable with designing
things visually, using pencil-and-paper as my prototype, and I don't often
design stuff I don't need.  Maybe it's fair to say Python will help *some*
kinds of coders disproportionately, but not others?

This all sounds like an argument about spontaneous vs. architectural coding

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