import View

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 29 20:20:55 CET 2003

nero wrote:
> yes.. I've found this python code:
> import Numeric
> import MLab
> import View
> ...code...
> and I'm not able to run it because the interpreter says..
> ImportError: No module named View

Still not enough information for _me_ to solve the problem.  What
is this python code you've "found".  Does it have a name?  Where
did you find it?  *What* is it supposed to do?

Have you checked the INSTALL page or whatever might have been 
included with that code, to be sure that you have the prerequisites?
Generally software that needs such non-standard libraries will
include a description of how to configure your machine to use it.

I suspect someone else will recognize the name and help you out,
but in that case I'd call you lucky...


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