Hacking Heaven - Leo+XEmacs Integrated

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 29 01:17:44 CET 2003

Aum wrote:
> Installation:
> 1. Install Leo from CVS - instructions on the Leo website (above)

I couldn't find anything other than the standard Sourceforge
CVS instructions, which wasn't all that obvious to find.  Did
you mean anything else?

I then did a 'python setup.py install' which is not mentioned
on the CVS directory.  There is a 'README.txt' which is more
of a CHANGELOG than a README.  The first line says

  Important note: See INSTALL.TXT for installation instructions.

but there is no 'INSTALL.TXT' anywhere in the cvs distribution.

Note that it installs 20 modules in site-packages, as compared
to a module, which is what I would have prefered.

> 2. Replace LeoPy.leo with my hacked copy:
>    http://www.freenet.org.nz/downloads/LeoPy.leo

In the local cvs directory?  I didn't see that file located
anywhere under the /usr/local/ directory, which is what I
expected.  How does any leo installation know to look in
the cvs directory for the configuration.

> 3. Set up your xemacs so it launches gnuserv on startup

Used xemacs for years. .... So, um, how do I do that and why?

I did find
   Options -> Customize -> Emacs -> Environment -> Gnuserv
but nothing which said "launch gnuserv on startup"

> 4. Open a leo window on the left of the screen - slide the divider all the
>    way right so no code pane is visible, then resize the window to thin and  
>    tall

How do I start leo?  Nothing is installed under /usr/local/bin.
Ahhh, okay, grep for "__main__" shows that the exectuable is
'leo.py', which is not marked as executable out of cvs so I need
to run it as 'python leo.py'.

Looks like I shouldn't have done the 'python setup.py install'?

> 5. Open Xemacs on the right.

That one I can do.

> Try out this combo - you might just love it.

I tried.  So far it's in the category of "maybe a great idea
but not yet at the state for me."

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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