curious to opinions on easygui

french fry frenchfry at
Wed Jan 8 08:51:56 CET 2003

i've been using python for 2 years or so for simple tasks and console
based programs, i wanted to move on to gui. i've looked into tkinter, Tix,
anygui, Wx, pythoncard, easygui, QT, and gtk.

maybe it's just me but i think easygui is fantastically simple and
provides much needed functionality at practically no learning curve except
knowing how to use functions. i know guido sometimes adopts community
created modules into the standard library, i don't understand why easygui
isn't there. not to mention the docs the author puts out are very clear
written and easy to understand, clearer than a lot of the documentation in
the module index. what's the deal? are there some fundamental flaws in
easygui i'm too ignorant to pick up on?

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