Seeking Minimal Python Project Name (was: [pypy-dev] Re: [ann]Minimal Python project)

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Jan 15 04:20:19 CET 2003

Christian Tismer wrote:

> After all, this project turns out to be not *that* minimal
> in the first place. It is of course aimed at the possibility
> to downsize Python by removing whole classes of constructs.
> But it also tries to be a full implementation of the existing
> python, or even more than that.

Indeed.  Since it aims to be a complete Python intepreter, I would
recommend following CPython/Jython's lead and at least ending in -ython.
As you say, Minimal Python is a sort of misnomer, since the goal is not
a minimal interpreter (although it could be trimmed down); the goal is
implementing as much of the current Python system within Python itself.

Perhaps something like Python-in-Python (PIP) might be a better name.

Although I must admit Ython has a weird attraction to me ...

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