[Python-Dev] python2.3 on m68k-nommu uClinux, really slow

Brad Clements bkc at Murkworks.com
Thu Jan 30 15:28:10 CET 2003

Thanks Jeff, I will look into this aspect.

Anyone remember pystone numbers for old Sun3 machines based on the 68000?

Novell DeveloperNet Sysop #5

"Jeff Epler" <jepler at unpythonic.net> wrote in message
news:mailman.1043876102.14695.python-list at python.org...
> This question may be better asked on python-list than python-dev.
> One likely cause is the implementation of integer multiplication, which
> uses floating point arithmetic to determine whether the result of the
> multiplication overflows or is implicitly converted to long.  I am
> guessing that that your system probably doesn't have hardware floating
> point.
> If this is true, you could usefully replace the code by a custom
> 32x32->64 multiply and slightly modified test, or anything else that
> still does the right thing.  (python 2.1 seems to use a different method
> that only uses integers, you might steal that instead)
> This code is at least in intobject.c and may be inlined in ceval.c for
> the BINARY_MULTIPLY opcode.
> Jeff

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