Explicit Frustration of the Self

DeadWisdom DeadWisdom at wisefool.net
Wed Jan 1 00:59:24 CET 2003

Andrew Koenig <ark at research.att.com> wrote in message news:<yu99n0mmw48b.fsf at europa.research.att.com>...
> How would you like to be able to write it instead?  Show us some
> examples.  Whatever you come up with, I'll bet it will be possible
> to find even greater problems.

I like Mr. Ross' idea.  A keyword would be interesting.  I dislike the
idea of making it "implicit" though, for the simple reason that I
don't think it should be there at all, explicit or implicit.  Also, I
didn't offer to know the best solution, I merely wised to point out
the inelegance.  But I think I'm smart, so I can try.

So work with me here.  Let's iron this out.  This is how I want to use
it.  What's the issue with this?

class Life:
	property = "value"
	def Meaning(argument):
		return property + " " + argument

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