[OT] Seeking Minimal Python Project Name

Pieter Nagel pnagel at nagel.co.za
Mon Jan 13 21:52:28 CET 2003

Alex K. Angelopoulos wrote:
> Boomslang.
> I know, there's no such thing... 

There is.


"Boomslang" is Afrikaans for "tree snake", although a more correct 
contextual translation would be "that South African tree snake species 
which was first named in Afrikans".[1]

Three problems with the name:

- The Boomslang is not particularly small.
- Its' favourite food is Chameleons, not Camels.
- The name has already been taken by a manufacturer of a gamers' mouse.

      /_)              /| /
     /   i e t e r    / |/ a g e l

[1] That would make Stephen King's "Peruvian boomslang" a very unlikely 
beast, since the Peruvians presumably would christen their treesnakes 
themselves. The South African government vociferously denies the 
existence of the controversial Peruvian Snake-Naming Experts Exchange 

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