best college for computer science major

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jan 9 14:56:28 CET 2003

Cameron Laird wrote:
> In article <3E1CAFB3.73CEA6A7 at>,
> Peter Hansen  <peter at> wrote:
> >Chad Netzer wrote:
> >>
> >> On Wednesday 08 January 2003 14:07, Tupoi wrote:
> >>
> >> > ok to be more specific what are the best undergrad schools in the US for a
> >> > Computer Science major in general because most undergrads like me probbably
> >> > have not decided whether they will be computer programmers, network guys,
> >> > or whatever else.
> >>
> >> I see.  Well, in that case, the answer is Purdue.  Go to Purdue, that is the
> >> best undergrad school in the US for CS.
> >
> >And the University of Waterloo is the best undergrad school for CS
> >in North America.  Probably for the rest of the world, too. :-)
>                         .
>                         .
>                         .
> I'm curious about what insider jokes I'm missing.

I thought it was just Chad's deadpan delivery of an obviously
outrageous blanket statement which he knew no one would take merely
at face value.

At least, that's what I was doing in my response...

Waterloo is excellent, and no doubt Purdue is.  Cameron's 
only-slightly-more-serious :-) comments are right on the mark 
though.  This, as with many other things in life, depends
almost entirely on the individual.  Asking others for "the best"
without at least providing some idea of one's own requirements
is going to produce largely meaningless answers.


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