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Wed Jan 8 19:19:58 CET 2003

this is (more or less) the translation

From: "Matteo Bertini" <m.bertini at tin.it>
Newsgroups: it.comp.lang
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 11:26 PM
Subject: [PYTHON] estendere tipi di base

> I can build a class in this way:
> class mystring(str):
>      def is_email(self):
>          return self.find("@")
> use it in:
> mystring("pippo at pippo.it").is_email()
> the answer is, can i define mystring to be the default string class?
> can i ''validate''  "pippo".is_email() ?
> maybe is not goot, but is only curiosity.
> thanks,
> Matteo

ok, then one answer jump in my brain:
there's a "place" where the interpreter load the __builtins__  package?
obviously __builtins__.str cannot be substitute with a customized one after
the __builtins__ load ,
but before load?
if the interpreter load __builtins__ in some place i can translate
with a __builtins__.mystr before that interpreter load __builtins__

is it possible?

Thanks a lot!

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