Python, COM & Excel

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Mon Jan 20 18:06:10 CET 2003

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> I find the best way to figure out exactly what COM calls you need to
> make, is to have a sample spreadsheet of the report you want to
> generate, and record macros of yourself doing the actions you want your
> report to automatically do.  Once you're done, go look at the generated
> VBA code, and the functions that are being called.  There is usually a
> 1:1 correspondence between those functions and the ones you need to call
> via COM from python.  I also tend to try to avoid using the ActiveSheet
> or ActiveWindow objects.  I haven't ever found a need for them given
> that my python scripts usually always know exactly which worksheet
> they're dealing with.

There's a better way to get the objects/methods exposed from an Excel COM
object :
Look at the help of Excel :
Programmer information>Visual Basic reference > Microsoft Excel objects
All you need is translating VB API to Python.


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