Do pythons like sugar?

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Thu Jan 9 16:29:19 CET 2003

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>Afanasiy: to write '''If the "pythonic world-view" is that code which would
>look better with implicit self is "poor implementation"''' and '''My design
>is perfect.''', and then complain about condescending attitudes strikes me
>as the pot calling the kettle black. You asked a question, and you got
>answers. You may not have liked the tone, but since you can only *interpret*
>its meaning it usually doesn't do you much good to complain about newsgroup
>modes of expression. Or, more shortly: "get over it!".

I have the same desire to defend myself with a reply as you or others.
Except that I was the original victim and my double quoting remark was
a purely logical rephrasing of what they were telling me. The fact that
it spurred such a reply when *I* rephrashed what they said says much.

>This is actually quite a friendly group (certainly there are many others
>where you would experience much greater hostility). Try not to interpret
>comments as condescending: they usually aren't. I guess you may wish to make
>an exception of this message :-), though I am actually trying to pur oil on
>troubled waters.

When someone like Dalke trolls I will always react.

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