Console stall

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Jan 5 21:21:41 CET 2003

Matt Singer wrote:

> I've hacked up some scripts that look up some info on various web
> sites and prints out info to the shell window (this is win32) as it
> goes along.  The odd thing is that it seems to "randomly" stall until
> you hit the return key in the shell window.
> Any thoughts on what I am doing stupidly? ;-)

sounds like you've enabled "quick edit mode" for your console windows.
in this mode, clicking in the window does the same thing as "edit/mark";
that is, it blocks output, changes the console title, and waits for you to
mark some text.

to switch it off, use the "properties/option" panel (which you can find
via the console's window menu)

see also (random google link):


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