Python extension for MANAGED C++ with VC.NET

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue Jan 21 06:32:02 CET 2003

Chetan Gadgil wrote:
> Hi
> Is anyone working on the above?
> I had started work on a library I called PyCLR - a module using Mark
> Hammond's win32all, but later discovered that Mark had already done
> something similar for Python.NET, but was not too happy with the results.
> I have started on VC.NET with managed c++ and have "managed" (no silly pun
> intended :)) to load an extension module into Python and call into Managed
> Code.

This sounds cool.  How are you doing it?

Another strategy would be a module similar to win32com, but using the 
.NET reflection API natively (you can use the COM interop layers now, 
but probably would get better results using .NET natively).  Then you 
would be able to load and run any .NET assembly, regardless of 
implementation language.

Unfortunately, there is also interest in being able to use Python 
extension from .NET - ie, the other direction.

But keep us posted on the results and where we can find the code!


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