Python and Politics, Was: Python vs .Net (

Karsten W. Rohrbach karsten at
Wed Jan 8 22:27:20 CET 2003

Peter Wu <peterwu at> wrote:
> Avery Andrews wrote:
>> How does this play out in places that don't recognize software
>> patents, especially where the local government is not interested in
>> promoting the dominance of M$?  'twould be odd for USA-ans to be
>> looking to Latin America and China for the defense of freedom, but
>> such is life ...
> No politics, please.

Why? In a world where it becomes quite obvious, that property rights
turn out to stand over human and individual rights, and these property
rights are enforced with a big budget by industry interest groups and
also by using military forces, software is not a no-politics zone anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound snappy, but that's how I see
the course of action in international politics and industry cartels. And
I don't want my kids to suffer from this negative evolution of law and
order and humanity. There's more to life, than just working to be able
to consume. Happyness is not derived from trade goods or intellectual

It goes well beyond the scope of software, but our momentary key
technologies being powered by said software, reflect this evolution more
and more.

Intervention or not, design or misdesign, binding of resources or
good collaboration - decisions often lie in our hands, not the hands of
the government or fortune500 companies[1].

Because of the above, I clearly see this thread being on-topic.


[1] Excuse my probably bad choice of words, I'm not a native english

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