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Sun Jan 5 01:43:06 CET 2003

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> David LeBlanc wrote:
> > Taking a quick glance at just Python, I don't think your goal of putting
> > Python + app + data on a single 1.44mb floppy is realistic.
> >
> > Python installer on windows is 6+mb.
> >
> > Installed Python is at least 1+mb just for dll's and libs (not including
> doc
> > and examples etc.), of which some parts may not be needed by your app.
> > Additional specialist dll's and scripts needed by your app not
> included in
> > that estimate.
> >
> > In terms of a download, I'm betting that 2+mb for a runtime
> only including
> > application bytes (binaries and doc) is more likely.
> If that's the state of Python downloads, then may I suggest that
> the Python
> experts here must quickly figure out how to change that.
> From what I've seen, Python people are B2B.  If you're selling an
> application to a business client, then it may not matter to you
> if you have
> to download and install Python on every desktop.  Sure, just do it, while
> you're in there, putting the boots to them - and charge them for
> your time.
> But, how can I deliver my application to my customers with the least cost?
> >
> > I suggest a more practical and realistic goal is to plan on a CD
> > distribution. It's probably actually cheaper to distribute on CD then on
> > floppy these days anyway.
> I don't want to deliver on a CD or a floppy.  I want to deliver by ftp.
> >
> > David LeBlanc
> > Seattle, WA USA
> Norm

I don't think that it's safe to characterize Python folks as "B2B" - I think
it's far more pervasive then that (for example, all the games development).

2-6mb isn't a huge download these days IMO. A mere matter of minutes on
cable or dsl. Even when I was limited to a 24kbs modem (theoretically, 56kb,
but phone lines rarely delivered over 24kbs), a 6mb d/l wouldn't have
disuaded me or taken all _that_ long! In fact, I got a friend with such a
setup to d/l Python and wxWindows from New Zealand, and he didn't quibble or
have any troubles. In comparison, Mozilla is over 10mb and people d/l

Python, with it's core dll's, and excluding the python coded libs, is
several mb in size (I misread something earlier and misstated the 2mb
figure - more like 4-6 if you include tkinter). That leaves out a lot that a
typical application might use (and includes some things that are likely not
needed by your app). Python isn't that big, but it's not tiny either. It's
size isn't out of line with VB or even an MFC C++ app if you count the
runtimes that MS ships with the OS. OTOH, neither VB or C++ deliver the fast
development or power of Python.

You mentioned wanting to have the distribution floppy sized, which is why I
commented on floppy vs. CD. BTW, even companies that focus on electronic
distribution often have a CD delivery alternative (for a few more dollars
plus shipping). Some people prefer that.

In the end, it's up to you as to whether or not you want to take a lot
longer to develop the same app in VB or C++ compared to the relatively minor
inconvenience of a slightly longer d/l time for your users. IMO, Python is
the clear winner.

Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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