Convert g3 faxes to ps/pdf

Wouter van Marle wouterm at
Tue Jan 14 06:57:37 CET 2003

Thanks Jeff!

I do have all those pbm utils installed, and I got to the first bit
already... now I don't have pbmtops, only pbmtolps, completely overlooked
that one at first. It works perfectly!

Some problem now: when I run cat <g3 file> | g32pbm | pdmtops >
it returns code 127 and nothing happens. I do that with os.spawnpl().
Experimenting indicates that it goes wrong with the cat command already.
>From the manual I have no clue what I would do wrong here.

And getting a bit off-topic:
It is impossible to pipe this on to ps2pdf (which is the end result I want),
and pipe via gs -device=writepdf (hmm not correct here but you know what i
mean, can't check this option now) gives garbled pdf files. I have been
fiddling a bit with the gs options as I found them in the ps2pdf scripts.
I hoped to do the thing in one go:
cat <fax g3 file> | g32pbm | pbmtops | ps2pdf > <pdf file>


"Jeff Epler" <jepler at> wrote in message
news:mailman.1042428863.24096.python-list at
> My system has g3topbm from netpbm-progs.  g3topbm | pbmtops should give
> want you ask for.
> Jeff

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