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> > > The question is meaningless.  All undergrad CS is about the same.
> > > Differences in programs don't show themselves until you get to
> > > graduate level.
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> > > That said, the (generally accepted) best (US) schools for graduate CS
> > > are Carnagie Mellon and MIT.
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> > A frightening thought, if true, from the Land that claims to value
> > individualism ...
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> > Laura Creighton
> I don't know what to think of this comment.  Such a broad sweeping flame
> based on a broad statement that isn't necessarily true in the first place.

This was not a flame.  If this statement is true, in the United States,
which goes around preaching the value of individualism, than things are
even worse than I thought.

> Are you saying colleges are individuals?  Or maybe you think there should be
> 15 million "best" ways to teach computer science so that we can all have
> different individual approaches to programming.  Each of us should invent
> our own programming language and only use that?

No, I expected answers in the form -- it depends on what you want to
do. 'XXX and YYY are better for fundamental algorithms, and AAA and BBB are 
better places to study computer graphics and animation, and the best
data base theorists are at DDD and EEE' and so on and so forth.  
Computer Science is such a wonderful, varied field, and somebody out
there is asserting that whatever strengths a faculty has is irrelevant
to undergraduates, since they would get the same program if they
studied anywhere, including, I presume some outfit in Phoenix that
keeps filling my mailbox with spam.

There is _something_ _seriously_ _wrong_ if it doesn't make a difference 
where you study.

> Van

Laura Creighton

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