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pavs vze33v6m at
Thu Jan 16 21:48:55 CET 2003

# Write a program that gets 2 string variable and 2 integer variable for the user,
# concatenates(joins them together with no space) and displays the strings,
# then multiplies the two numbers on a new line.

print "Exercise:-"
str1 = raw_input("Type First String: ")
str2 = raw_input("Type Second String: ")
num1 = input("The First Number: ")
num2 = input("The Second Number: ")
print "str1 & str2 =", str1, str2
print "num1 * num2 =", num1*num2


Hi, I want to know if this is what it meant, when it asked for "Concatenate"? If not, isn't this another way to do it?

Also, I am currently reading the Book: "Non-programmers Tutorial For Python" By, Josh Cogliati.
Is there any other online book you guys would recommend?


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