PyCon DC anyone?

Tom Bryan tbryan at
Sun Jan 12 03:22:09 CET 2003

I've been looking around for discussions about PyCon, and I've been 
disappointed so far.  The submission deadline is nearing, and I was hoping to see some 
discussion of what others were thinking of doing.  I haven't seen much on about the conference, and the Wiki at is not particularly active.  
The pycon-interest mailing list is also quiet.  Given the nature of the 
conference, I expected more community involvment at this point.  

I was hoping that there would be some good Jython content at the conference.  
i even went so far as to start a page about a Jython track at the 
conference at, but I'm 
afraid that no one is actually submitting any papers/talks about any of 
these topics.  Any other Jython users planning to attend PyCon.

I haven't been to any technical conference like this before, and I really 
don't know what to expect.  I was just excited about the concept of 
something cheap enough that I could afford it on my own.  :-)  I wanted to 
add some variety to my day job of coding in Java and C, and I thought that 
the PyCon sounded like a fun place to meet other Pythonistas, hear what 
people are doing, learn some new stuff, and hack some code.  It's going to 
be difficult for me to decide whether to go if I don't see some others 
talking about it.

Anyway, what does the rest of the community think?  Are you going to PyCon?  
What do you expect?  Did you submit a paper?  

wouldn't-want-to-be-the-only-attendee-ly y'rs,

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