Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Markus Wankus markus_wankus at
Fri Jan 3 20:35:25 CET 2003

Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Fri, 03 Jan 2003 17:59:33 +0100, Detlev Offenbach
> <detlev at> wrote:
>>Try eric3 from
>>It is a complete IDE and it is released under the terms of the GPL. It 
>>probably has the features you are looking for.
>     Silly question, do you know if it has been packaged for Debian or if
> anyone from Debian has shown interest in packaging it?

Yes, please someone package this up!  I have been dying to try this out, 
and have been trying to install PyQt/Qscintilla for a few days now.  I 
spent the holidays setting up a fresh Linux box at home for the sole 
purpose of trying eric3 out.  I have yet to experience success.  I 
cannot seem to compile PyQt/Qscintilla properly for eric to install. 
All of the issues seem to be related to Qt and it messing with the 
compile stages of PyQt/Qscintilla.

The binaries on sourceforge are next to useless for the latest eric3 
because the PyQt RPMS don't have Qscintilla support in them!  I'm sure 
there would be a lot more interest in this editor/debugger if it would 
install effortlessly (well...reasonably effortlessly - at least have the 
supporting packages compile properly).

(BTW - I am currently running Mandrake 9)


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