Best Python Editor (under Linux)

faust urfaust at
Sun Jan 5 00:19:04 CET 2003

 Erik Max Francis <max at> ,  emitted these fragments:

>It's also possible there are different metrics for "learning curve"
>being used here.  If you were to insist that learning curve apply to
>_all_ of emacs' features, then yes, obviously it has a massive learning
>curve simply because there are so many. 

Good point.

I use emacs as my only editor.
I use emacs eshell as my only commandshell ( when in XP or NT )
I use emacs calc as my sole calculator
I use emacs calendar as my sole calendar.

However, I am not familiar enough with gnus to use it as my sole email
and news reader.

Some day, when I have learned enough about gnus, I hope to do so....

Come see,
real flowers
of this pain-filled world.

(from Basho)

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