web-hosted python

Karsten W. Rohrbach karsten at rohrbach.de
Fri Jan 24 01:21:28 CET 2003

Thijs Cobben <nntp0103 at thijscobben.nl> wrote:
> Mine would be, istd. of mod_python:
>     * ZOPE (because of pcgi_wrapper and DocumentTemplates)

I'd stick (in case of Zope) to Zope ZServer with Apache/mod_proxy as
front end and psycopg/PostgreSQL as RDBMS.

> Very efficient computing environment, I'ld say.

Having Apache with mod_proxy and mod_rewrite as intermediate caching
front end improves performance quite a bit. PCGI is not as easy to
handle and not as performant, from my experiences.


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