Benjamin Travis Hamilton benthamilton at
Thu Jan 2 06:16:25 CET 2003

Frederik Fuest <ffrederik at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1041462676.14469.python-list at>...
> Hi,
> I would like to programm my GUI, that you can start more than one
> process at the same time by e.g. clicking different buttons. 
> Could anybody help me with this?
> thx
> Frederik

If you do a google search on Boa constructor (and wxPython
documentation) you will find it to be a most useful RAD GUI tool.  It
uses wxWindows and wxPython as a windowing framework and it even has a
class called wxThread which should do what you want it to do if the
ones standard in python do not suffice.  I had problems with getting
the python threads to die on command ex: ButtonRun, and ButtonStop.


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